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I do not know if I was once here dreaming I was there, or if I am now there, dreaming I am here, 2019

The installation explores the 3D, physical landscape with the virtual landscape. The textures, landscapes and details are sourced from computer generated images using machine learning technologies. In this sense the images become a result of the imagination of the computer. 


How does a computers uninhibited imagination compare to humans uninhibited imaginations, and how do these virtualised landscapes refer to and effect the physical ones we are so familiar with?

Screengrab from animation

Accompanied by plastic shells, born of code and then turned into a 3D object through 3D printing. Bodily sounds omit from the shells replicating the familiar sounds of waves, creating a virtual and unreal reality existing and created by these shells, much like those we may find in the sand and press curiously to our ears.

Close up of 3D printed shell